#southcoastseafood @ Servo food truck bar Port Kembla


South coast seafood returns to the newest live music venue in our region on March 11 . Servo is a share space supporting arts , culture and diversity on Wentworth street Port Kembla.

For months now I  (Joshua Meijer ) have been harvesting, slicing and drying wild seaweed from the ocean and now its time to bring our new dish to the people….. supporting diversity #southcoastseafood has a local , fresh sustainable vegan dish , both gluten and dairy free.


GIMMARI, 김말이 튀김

rice noodles, local vegetables rolled in dried seaweed , dipped in GF batter and fried … served with a chilli sauce


see you soon

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Seafood stock by Joshua Meijer


South coast seafood uses 100% wild caught local sustainable seafood; The goodness is in the bones so antibiotic loaded farmed fish is not wanted in my broth!

Add 1kj of local wild caught fish carcass with olive oil in a baking tray,  season then roast on 180 until just off white for approx 20 mins.

Brown prawn shells (from 1 kj prawns) and 2 squid (gutted and diced) in quality cultured butter, deglaze with a cup of wine wine and remove from pan into bowl and store in fridge.

Brown Mirepoix (( 1/2 kj carrot , 1/2 celery (without leaves) , 3 onions)) for three minuets using a large knob (40g) quality cultured butter . We use Quality Butter from Pepe Saya .

Add 4 liters of water and fish bones on a slow, almost boil for one and a half hour. Be sure to stir as needed every 15-20 minutes.

Add a pinch of saffron to a bowl of tap hot water (approx 60’c) leave aside.

Add prawns and squid, simmer for half an hour

Now add stalks of parsley , one fennel and the leaves of celery and saffron , cook for 1/2 hour further

Taste and season to desired flavor

Liquid should be at 0.6 of the original volume

strain and bottle in re-used sterilized jars or wine bottles etc (microwave or boil your jar to sterilize)

Refrigerate (2-5’c) (according to NSW Health authority up to 2 days … however I think its a bit of a short date … )


Aioli Recipe

“All i oli” that means ” garlic and olive oil

NSW government is so stressed about raw egg it is impossibly for me to make it commercially. As I do not want to be shut down I am going to say “add Mayonnaise”
Mayonnaise is NOT equal the old faithful #SnW and others now have sweet versions with vegetable oil and cheep short cuts. Its almost impossible to find one made with extra virgin olive oil ….
Any way make the Mayo or buy the best one …. Read the ingredients!!!!!

The Aioli is So Simple…
Grab FRESH LOCAL Australian garlic….peal the whole globe or 8 bulbs and crush (or in a processor to fine)
Juice 2 lemons
Zest (fine) 1/2 lemon rind
200g Mayonnase
salt to taste

Tartare Recipie

FIND Mayonnaise with olive oil or make your some… Its not hared however the NSW Health authority would shut me down If i made my mayo and said i did on line

KEY in mayonnaise is acidity you MUST add lemon juice to lower the chance of salmonella ect growing

Cornichons are a tart french pickle… You can make your own (as we do from NSW local small cucumbers)or even buy some but do not buy sweet ones….

200g cornichons or tart Australian pickles
80g caper berries
1/2 white onion
200g olive oil Mayonnaise
lemon juice to taste (pending on the mayonnaise)
salt and pepper to taste


#south coast seafood