Seafood stock by Joshua Meijer


South coast seafood uses 100% wild caught local sustainable seafood; The goodness is in the bones so antibiotic loaded farmed fish is not wanted in my broth!

Add 1kj of local wild caught fish carcass with olive oil in a baking tray,  season then roast on 180 until just off white for approx 20 mins.

Brown prawn shells (from 1 kj prawns) and 2 squid (gutted and diced) in quality cultured butter, deglaze with a cup of wine wine and remove from pan into bowl and store in fridge.

Brown Mirepoix (( 1/2 kj carrot , 1/2 celery (without leaves) , 3 onions)) for three minuets using a large knob (40g) quality cultured butter . We use Quality Butter from Pepe Saya .

Add 4 liters of water and fish bones on a slow, almost boil for one and a half hour. Be sure to stir as needed every 15-20 minutes.

Add a pinch of saffron to a bowl of tap hot water (approx 60’c) leave aside.

Add prawns and squid, simmer for half an hour

Now add stalks of parsley , one fennel and the leaves of celery and saffron , cook for 1/2 hour further

Taste and season to desired flavor

Liquid should be at 0.6 of the original volume

strain and bottle in re-used sterilized jars or wine bottles etc (microwave or boil your jar to sterilize)

Refrigerate (2-5’c) (according to NSW Health authority up to 2 days … however I think its a bit of a short date … )


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